for synthetic fibers...

...including nelpe shells


  • Technically, Nelpe Shells are ready to use, but you may want to include them in a normal load of diaper laundry prior to the first use.

regular use

  • Following each use, store soiled Nelpe Bottoms in a dry diaper pail.
  • Wash every other or every third day to minimize stains and stinks.
  • Begin with a cold or warm rinse without detergent.  Follow with a hot wash using the smallest acceptable amount of cloth diaper safe detergent.  If necessary, finish with another cold or warm rinse without detergent. 
  • Nelpe Shells should be hung to dry.  If necessary, tumble dry without heat.
  • Please avoid bleach, Borax, OxiClean, soda, softener, vinegar, and other laundry additives.