for natural fibers...

...including nelpe flats and fitteds


  • Prior to use, bamboo terry should be washed at least three times separately from any synthetic fibers (fleece, suedecloth, microfiber, etc.).
  • We recommend a hot wash without detergent, then a hot tumble in the dryer, followed by another hot wash without detergent and another hot tumble dry.  Finally, add cloth diaper safe detergent to a third hot wash, and your new fluff can be added into your normal rotation following your third hot tumble dry.
  • Shrinkage is expected, and has been accounted for in each pattern.
  • Absorbency will continue to increase throughout the first eight to ten washes.

regular use

  • Following each use, store soiled nelpe bottoms in a dry diaper pail.
  • Wash every other or every third day to minimize stains and stinks.
  • Begin with a cold or warm rinse without detergent.  Follow with a hot wash using the smallest acceptable amount of cloth diaper safe detergent.  If necessary, finish with another cold or warm rinse without detergent. 
  • nelpe flats can be tumbled dry in high heat regularly.  However, because fitteds contain elastic, it is best to tumble dry in low heat.  Alternatively, all cloth diapers enjoy fresh air and a warm breeze occasionally.
  • Plus, sunlight will lighten stains.
  • Of course, wash routines vary, and these squishy additions can be included in your regular diaper laundry once they have been prepped.
  • Please avoid bleach, Borax, OxiClean, soda, vinegar, and other laundry additives.
  • Natural fabric softener can be used if you feel it becomes necessary.