nelpe bottoms

flats, fitteds, & Inserts

fabric content

  • Bamboo terry; 70% viscose from bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 2% polyester, edged with wooly nylon thread
  • Micro Fleece; 100% polyester


  • nelpe flats and fitteds are all made from double sided bamboo terry.
    • Flats consist of a single layer of fabric.
    • Fitteds combine three full body layers with a three layer snap in insert, creating a six layer wet zone.  Gathering at the waist and legs, a fold down rise, and cross over tabs offer increased convenience, and a snug fit for mess containment. 
  • Like other natural fibers, bamboo terry is remarkably absorbent without being prone to stink.  
  • What sets bamboo terry apart is its luxurious softness that can withstand countless messes and the washing that must follow.  Plus, it is incredibly stretchy.  If you are familiar with traditional cotton flat and prefold diapers, you will notice an improved fit with ours. These diapers will hug baby’s waist and legs snugly, minimizing any risk of leakage.
  • nelpe flats are a soft, natural color accented with a variety of color combinations around the entire outer edge.  Fitteds follow suit, but include coordinated snaps as well.
  • These diapers all require a waterproof cover
  • Inserts consist of three layers of bamboo terry inside stay dry micro fleece, and pair perfectly with nelpe covers to create a remarkably simple diapering system. 

why nelpe flats? 

  • Flats are the quintessential cloth diaper.  Likely the option your grandmother trusted.  Why do modern moms still reach for flats diapers?  Because they do a dirty job simply, with very little attention or care.
  • Because a flat diaper is simply a square of fabric, the possibilities are endless.
  • Folds we love include origami and skinny neat, but there are so many customizable choices…the diaper bag fold, the kite fold, a small nelpe flat trifolded into a cover for an older baby…  Resourceful parents may even find themselves reaching for this square of fabric to complete household tasks other than diapering.
  • nelpe flats are available in three sizes, to fit from birth to toilet learning without extra bulk. 

why nelpe fitteds?

  • nelpe fitteds pair impressive absorbency with grab and go convenience, making them an excellent choice for outings, middle of the night changes, and those times when baby is in the care of a cloth diapering novice.
  • Appropriately named, our fitteds fit beautifully, regardless of whether your precious baby is long and lean, or the chubbiest you have ever seen.  They are available in two sizes, with an umbilical snap down for newborns.

why nelpe inserts?

  • nelpe inserts are available in four sizes to keep up with your growing baby.
  • Pair with nelpe covers to create an extraordinarily simple, yet versatile diapering system.
  • It is often possible to use one nelpe cover for multiple changes, by removing a soiled insert, and snapping a clean one in place.